IMG_2431My play A Whole Way of Life (working title) has been commissioned and developed by National Theatre Wales.  It’s for rural communities and the village hall is decked out for Gareth’s 21st birthday, where he’s all set to take over the farm.  Then a cowboy arrives.

Over the past year or so I’ve developed the piece at Cowbridge cattle market and Llanhennock village hall with some of Wales most exciting actors, including Lisa Palfrey, Oliver Wood, Matthew Trevannion and Sharon Morgan.  I’m now developing the second draft of the script with the help of Neath Young Farmers club.  It’s starting point was the issue of succession farming for young people.  And a fascination I had with tall tales and tricksters.  Ultimately it’s about stories that trap us and stories that free us.  I’m really proud of it.

Also in progress/development…

The Life That I Have, which I wrote during the Royal Court 26+ writers group, led by Leo Butler.  It’s inspired by my late father’s involvement in a progressive educational experiment in the fifties, and by his elderly neighbour Nora from Croydon who we always thought was a secret agent.

Also in early stages is Toast which questions whether a tactic of generosity and respect in a world full of corruption and greed is just an excuse for inertia.  It’s going to be about activism and how we go about it.

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